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HAKKO FX-888 Soldering Station
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FX-888 Soldering Station:

With a space-saving, maintenance, security, stability three elements thermostat soldering station

Soldering iron job performance than traditional HAKKO 936 by up to 30%

Set of three cleaning methods and the tip of the soldering iron stand silent in a

Very space efficient, and taking into account the environment and easy to use


Power consumption: 70W
Output voltage: AC 26V
Send heating element: AC 26V, 65W, ceramic
Temperature control range: 200 ~ 480 ℃
Temperature stability: Soil 1 ℃ (no load)
Tip and ground impedance: 2Ω less
Tip and the ground electric potential: 2mV less
Console Dimensions: 120 (W) X 93 (H) X 170 (D) mm
Console Weight: about 1.3kg
Handles Weight: about 44g
Handles Length: 190mm
Power line length: 1.2m

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