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FT-208A  microscope/digital microscope  


Resolution: 480 (sony chip);

resolution: 640x480;

input voltage: 220V;

output voltage: 12V;

output mode: AV connection;

color: Colored;

outward appearance: Alloy outer covering, standard C connection;

outward appearance size: 45*50*50MM

operating temperature: - 10-60 degrees;

Total enlargement factor: 7-150 times;

objective lens: 0.7-4.5  change time continuously;

eyelens: 0.5X;

fluctuation scope: 270mm;

handwheel focusing scope: 65mm;

center distance: 140mm;

column diameter: 25mm;

lens connection diameter: 50mm;

support gross altitude: 355mm;

foundation size: 390X270X28MM;

net weight: 6KG;

The applicable scope is suitable for the electronics industry, the hardware, the precise project, the plastics industry, the medical service, the biomedicine.

this disposition: The microscope, CCD, the microscope photo source, the data line, actuate the compact disc;

post-sale: Free maintains for one year.

disposition: camera: 480 (SONY chip). eyelens: 0.5 time. objective lens: 0.7-4.5 time. photo source: Fluorescence photo source. monitor: 8 inches. liquid crystal support.

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